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The Gonzaga Experience is a weekly podcast sharing the traditions, the people, the mission, and the culture of Gonzaga University, reaching out especially to the members of our community who live some distance from the Spokane campus.  Hosted by Dr. Michael Carey, Dean of Gonzaga’s Virtual Campus, the podcasts examine all aspects of the Gonzaga Experience: intellectual, social, and spiritual.

During the Fall Semester 2012, Dr. Carey interviews some of the key leaders at the University, including Dr. Thayne McCulloh (President), Fr. Frank Case, S.J. (Vice President for Mission), Dr. Patricia O’Connell Killen (Academic Vice President), and Dr. Sue Weitz (Vice President for Student Life).

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Most Recent Podcasts


Dr. David Boose (4/15/13)

Dr. David Boose is Associate Professor of Biology and the Director of the Center for Teaching and Advising at Gonzaga University. In this interview, Dr. Boose talks about how the Center assists faculty in the development of their teaching skills.


Dr. Raymond Reyes (4/8/13)

Dr. Raymond Reyes is Associate Academic Vice President at Gonzaga University. In this interview, Dr. Reyes reflects on his 25 years at Gonzaga, and what he thinks constitutes The Gonzaga Experience.


Dr. Blaine Garvin (4/1/13)

Dr. Blaine Garvin is Professor of Political Science at Gonzaga University and currently serves as Interim Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. In the is interview, Dr. Garvin talks about what attracted him to Gonzaga, as well as his experiences as one of the first lay faculty hired here.


Dr. Elizabeth Goldstein (3/25/13)

Dr. Elizabeth Goldstein is Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at Gonzaga, but she is also a trained rabbi.  Dr. Goldstein talks about being Jewish at a Catholic university, and the ways that she helps Gonzaga support its Jewish students, faculty, and staff.


Special Podcast: The First Jesuit to Become Pope (3/20/2013)

Fr. Frank Case, S.J., Vice President for Mission, and Fr. Jim Voiss, S.J., Assistant Vice President for Mission, join Dean Michael Carey to discuss the recent selection of the first Jesuit as Pope.


Susie Prusch Podcast (3/17/13):

Susie Prusch is the Manager of Special University Events, and has worked in a variety of roles during her 35 years at Gonzaga.  Susie talks about her current role, and reflects on the essence of the “Gonzaga Experience” that she has seen over the years.


Fr. Steve Kuder, S.J., Podcast Part II  (2/18/13):

Fr. Steve Kuder, S.J., is Rector of the Jesuit Community at Gonzaga, and has taught Religious Studies and Leadership Studies here for 35 years.  In this second interview, Fr. Kuder talks about how he understands the “Gonzaga Experience,” both for undergraduate and graduate students.


Tracy Ellis-Ward Podcast  (2/25/13):

Tracy Ellis-Ward is the Director of Gonzaga\’s Unity Multicultural Center.  In this interview, she describes her role, the work of the Multicultural Center, and her hopes for the future.


Dr. Patricia O’Connell Killen Podcast Part II  (2/8/13):

This week’s Podcast highlights Academic Vice President Patricia O\’Connell Killen.  In her second interview, AVP Killen  reflects on the intellectual life at Gonzaga, especially as grounded in our Catholic, Jesuit, and humanistic traditions.


Part II – President Thayne McCulloh Podcast 1/22/13:

Dr. Thayne McCulloh is President of Gonzaga University. In this second interview, President McCulloh reflects on the 125th anniversary of the founding of Gonzaga University, and what the future of education means for the Gonzaga Experience.


Fr. Frank Case Podcast Part II 2/3/13: Fr. Frank Case, S.J., is the Vice President for Mission at Gonzaga University. In this second interview, Fr. Case talks about the life of Ignatius of Loyola and his influence on the Society of Jesus and Jesuit education.


Part II Dr. Sue Weitz Podcast (1/28/13): Dr. Sue Weitz, Vice President for Student Life, continues her interview on The Gonzaga Experience Podcasts.  In Part II, Dr. Weitz discusses how the Jesuit tradition influences how student life is supported at Gonzaga University.

Dr. Sue Weitz pictured on the far right.

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