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Study Abroad Opportunities

Gonzaga offers you the unique opportunity to study abroad as a graduate student.  These one to three week classes give you the opportunity to spend time in another country studying leadership and communication in a global context.

Methods of Inquiry and Strategy for Contemporary Global Issues in Brussels, Belgium

Acquire the fundamentals of leading in volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous global contexts while practicing methods of resilient leadership attentive to international dimensions of organizational behavior. Develop the capacity to examine contemporary global issues, comprehensively analyze policies, and work with international peers to create viable and sustainable solutions while mentored by and learning from international experts. Competencies are gained from class instruction and also from simulations at the epicenter of the European Community, NATO, and the home of various multinational organizations in Brussels, Belgium.

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Development Communication in Cali, Colombia

Emphasizing face-to-face as well as the use of digital communication tools, the class provides classroom instruction and practical training to help leaders better understand community development needs, as well as how individuals and organizations might work inclusively in partnership with local community institutions to engage and build up local community capacity and empowerment.

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Renaissance Leadership & Rhetoric in Florence, Italy

Travel to Italy and immerse yourself in a different culture, as you use and enhance your communication and leadership skills on a moment by moment basis.  You will study leadership in Florence, the center of the Italian Renaissance art movement, and the home to the Medicis and Michelangelo.  Witness the leadership that took place hundreds of years ago to create this magnificent center of art in the world.

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Understanding Europe in an Age of Uncertainty, Prague, Czech Republic

The changing global landscape is having a dramatic effect on Europe. This course provides you with a broad understanding of the most significant political and social challenges European leaders are facing right now.  Topics include: immigration, Brexit, EU-Russia relations, EU-Turkey relations and the relationship between the EU and the United States.  You will be among students from all over the world as you attend courses at Charles University, one of the oldest universities in the world.

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Domestic Immersions

We understand not everyone can get enough time off to travel abroad to study, that’s why we offer several three to five day options within the United States.  Whether you come to Gonzaga’s campus, climb Mt. Adams or participate in monastery life, our domestic immersions offer you the chance to customize your degree to your interests.

Leadership & Hardiness - Mt. Adams, Washington

From Ernest Shackleton’s expedition in the Antarctic, Edmund Hillary’s summit of Mt. Everest, Scott and Amundsen’s race to the South Pole, Victor Frankl’s will to meaning and existence in sordid circumstances of the holocaust, Nelson Mandela’s revolutionary transformation towards forgiveness and racial reconciliation, to many other stories of resilience, this course will teach the pathways to creating personal and organizational resilience. The expedition of the course will begin by first studying the “will to meaning” from the perspective of existential and health psychology. This internal journey will be followed by studying various organizational scenarios marked by resilient outcomes and by learning a wide range of empirically grounded practices that enhance personal and organizational performance. Upon developing these competencies, students will have an opportunity to experientially practice resilient mechanism by climbing Mt. Adams. Personal hardiness will be developed, experienced, and tested in a setting that challenges the heart, mind, and spirit. Don’t miss out on an unforgettable experience!

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Leadership & Community - St. Andrews Abbey, Valyermo, California

What is the meaning and purpose of life? How is need for such meaning and purpose encountered in a community? How does the leader develop a community to facilitate individual growth and collective success? Through study, experience, and scholarship, students explore how to create structures and processes for sustaining and transforming a community. At the Benedictine monastery of Saint Andrew\’s Abbey, students become participant observers in a five-day immersion designed to explore, practice, and come to an expanded understanding of the role and purpose of the leader’s involvement and commitment to building and sustaining a meaningful and purposeful community.

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Leadership & Storytelling - GU campus, Spokane, Washington

Stories permeate virtually every dimension of our existence as noted in the familiar quote: “Civilizations have existed without the wheel, but no society has ever existed without story.” With groundwork in narrative, the class focuses on the kind of leadership that is demanded by the current world situation: Leaders who lead from their real selves or Authentic Leaders. After exploring an understanding of authentic leadership, the course will shift focus to a key tool for leaders: the leadership story.

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Organizational Change and Transformation - Spokane, Washington

Managing change is a critical skill needed to support organizations in achieving their goals, missions and visions. Building on theories from the field of Change Management, the experiential learning that takes place during the immersion portion of class will introduce multiple interventions – all emphasizing a people-centric approach. The course is appropriate for people in various levels and types of organizations, providing tools to support leading change effectively in a range of industries.

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Team Building and Leadership - Spokane, Washington

Team Building

This three-day intensive program is designed to increase students’ knowledge and understanding of leadership and team development through a combination of information sessions and active participation in cooperative, challenge activities. Challenge activities are designed to enhance students’ critical thinking skills, creativity, problem-solving ability, and ability to work effectively as a team. These activities present opportunities to taking leadership roles, recognize leadership styles, identify what works and what doesn’t work in given situations, and apply lessons to real life situations. Topics include the communication process, leadership models and styles, stages of team development, ethics, diversity, and visionary or principle-centered and creative leadership.

Advanced Team Building and Leadership

This three-day intensive program is designed to be taken along with ORGL 550, building on key concepts learned. This course is held directly following ORGL 550 on-campus.  The advanced session shifts the focus from group participation to group facilitating through team building and leadership development activities.

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Visiting Scholar In-Residence Course - Spokane, Washington

A unique innovation of the COML program is the ability we have each year to bring one of the top, cutting-edge, distinguished scholars in our discipline to teach a course on campus in their particular area of expertise. This 3-credit elective course includes a 3-day on-campus immersion at Gonzaga and provides our students with an opportunity that is unparalleled.

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