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The flexibility of the online and on-campus classes enables students to maintain their homes, jobs and relationships, while gaining the advanced knowledge and career skills they desire. Graduates earn the prestige of a Master of Sport and Athletic degree from an elite, NCAA-leading university. You will find our most frequently asked questions below.  If you don’t find what you need, feel free to give us a call at 1-866-380-5323.

What are the applications deadines?

Fall 2017 Start Application Deadline:

  • Final Application Deadline April 10, 2017
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Online. On campus. On your terms.

The MASAA program is offered online as well as on campus. What are the benefits of each option?

Online classes benefit those who meet the following criteria.

  • You need the flexibility to work on assignments late in the evening or early in the morning, maybe even on weekends.
  • You live too far away to commute to campus.
  • You prefer to complete the classes in a shorter time frame (8 weeks instead of the traditional 16-week semester structure).
  • You travel with your current job.

Campus classes benefit those who meet the following criteria.

  • You live in the Spokane/Coeur d’Alene area or are willing to relocate.
  • You are able to attend class one or two nights a week for three hours each, usually between 6:00 pm and 10:00 pm.
  • You prefer a 16-week class rather than the faster pace of the online eight weeks.
  • You learn better in a more structured, traditional classroom setting with face-to-face instruction with instructors.

Am I able to combine on-campus and online courses if I am in either program?

Unfortunately you cannot combine the course delivery methods because of the difference in the course sequence in each program and the cohort model used within the MASAA program.

What are some of the differences between the online program and the campus based program?

Online Program

  • Length of course: 8 weeks
  • Courses per semester: 2 (one course the first 8 weeks; one course the second 8 weeks) Exception: EDPE 565 and EDPE 696 are a full semester, 16-week course
  • Credits per semester: typically between 6 and 7
  • Content of material covered: Same for both programs
    Exception: EDPE 594
  • Length of program: Two years including 2 courses during first summer

Each learning module is developed around content competencies.  It is based on readings, teacher presentations, films, mentor statements, and an on-going discussion among the students and the teacher via a designated Gonzaga Blackboard site. After completing the work outlined for each module, students show evidence of mastery of the competencies through some means determined by the teacher (e.g., papers, group projects, or tests).

Campus-Based Program

  • Length of course: 16 weeks – meets 2 nights per week
  • Courses per semester: 2 taken simultaneously
  • Credits per semester: typically between 6 and 9 depending on when the student is enrolled in an internship
  • Content of material covered: same for both programs
  • Length of program: Two years including one summer course online and two internships

Curriculum is developed around content competencies.  It is based on readings, teacher presentations, films, projects, and an on-going classroom discussion. Some of the curriculum is completed via a designated Gonzaga Blackboard site.  As with the online courses, each student will demonstrate mastery of the competencies through some means determined by the teacher (e.g., papers, group projects or tests).

Where do I live in Spokane if I choose the on campus program?

There are many living options for students.  Visit the Off Campus Living web page to find more information.  Additionally, if you are interested in living further away from campus please view the regional map located on the Spokane Regional Convention & Visitors Bureau website.

The Course Experience

Is there a residency requirement for the online program?

No, there is no residency requirement for the program. Based on the population we serve, a residency that can accommodate all students is difficult to schedule. However, we welcome online students to visit campus, meet the professors, and explore Spokane and the beauty of the Pacific-Northwest.

I see in the course offerings there is an internship. What does this involve?

An internship is actual experience in a sport, recreation, or athletic organization. The on-campus MASAA students will work with their advisor on when their 2 internships will take place. For the online MASAA program it is offered in the fall of the second year (but there are opportunities to complete this requirement at other times within the program). Students are required to complete a minimum of 150 hours per internship with the organization along with specific written assignments to enhance professional goals and personal reflection.

What is the class schedule/load for the program?

Full time graduate students are required to take a minimum of 6 credits (2 classes) per semester.  They may take up to 10 credits without being considered overload.  Fees are assessed on a per credit basis.

What does the Capstone Experience final project entail?

The 1-credit Capstone Experience Project allows students to provide evidence of what they have learned in the 2-year master’s program by showing how the course content, internship, and other service or professional actives all merge together to create a comprehensive program. The MASAA program was created around 8 outcomes based on professional standards. It is the goal of the program for you to meet each outcome at some point during your educational endeavor.  The task of the graduate student is to complete a matrix chart using class numbers and short names/descriptors for each area of evidence.  You may need to refer back to class syllabus and course projects/assignments. The student will also complete a descriptive narrative for each of the 8 outcomes describing the circumstances in which it was met. Examples of descriptions will be provided to help students understand the expectations. The course is taken during the students final semester.  Two drafts of the project are turned in prior to that semester to get feedback from the faculty.

What type of support services will I receive?

Online and on-campus students have access to all of Gonzaga’s resources including Foley Library, IT Help Desk, the Career Center, Grad Student Association, Disability Access, and University Ministry. We are all here to help you succeed.

The Student Services team is available to answer your questions and to connect you to the resources you need. You will also be assigned a faculty advisor to help guide you with your academic goals.

General Questions about MASAA

Is it possible for graduate students to sign up for meal plans as a campus student?

Yes.  Please visit the Dining and Food Services website for more information.

Does the program require summer school?

Yes, the online MASAA students will take two courses during the first summer session and campus students will take one online course during the first summer session after their first year of courses and possibly an internship class. This summer course for campus students is online and typically runs from mid-May through the last week of June. The online MASAA students will take summer courses from mid-May through the first week of August.

What is a Graduate Assistant and how do I find out more information?

Graduate Assistants typically teach undergraduate classes in our extensive physical education activity program. To apply, write a letter of request addressing your qualifications for an assistantship position and send it to the Department Chair, Dr. Karen Rickel at Applications for graduate assistantships are accepted until positions are filled, but candidates are encouraged to apply by February 15th for priority consideration for the following fall semester. More info.

What are the job opportunities on and off campus?

There are volunteer opportunities and paid jobs within the University.  You may visit the Student Employment web page for information regarding off campus jobs. For specific department jobs, you should contact the department you are interested in working for regarding potential job opportunities.

Program information is subject to change.

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