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Each course has required materials that you will need in order to successfully complete the class. This can be textbooks, videos, etc.

When viewing the course requirements, please:

  • Look closely at course name and number.  ie: ORGL 518 vs COML 518
  • Be aware of the section as campus courses often have a different set of requirements than the online version.

Here is how you find your required materials:

1.Visit the ZagShop website.

  • Select from the drop down menus the term and your department (ORGL for Organizational Leadership or COML for Communication & Leadership Studies). Then select your course and your section. A list of Required Materials will appear for you to review, print and/or purchase.
  • Please note: videos are not available through the Zagshop.  Any required video will need to be purchased through Amazon, Netflix, or the like.

2. View the compiled ORGL course requirement list here.

If you have any questions regarding the list, please contact Megan Taylor at

Where to purchase textbooks

  • ZagShop (Gonzaga’s bookstore) or through other online retailers such as Amazon, or If you go through sources other than ZagShop, be sure to check ICN numbers and editions.
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