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ORGL 517 – Organizational Change and Transformation

3-day, on-campus immersion – Spokane, Washington

Managing change is a critical skill needed to support organizations in achieving their goals, missions and visions. Building on theories from the field of Change Management, the experiential learning that takes place during the immersion portion of class will introduce multiple interventions—all emphasizing a people-centric approach. The course is appropriate for people in various levels and types of organizations, providing tools to support leading change effectively in a range of industries.

The class involves both an immersion experience in Spokane and online coursework. During the 3-day immersion, students spend part of the time in teams engaged in an award-winning business simulation that creates a real-world environment for analysis, planning and implementation of a change strategy—aligning people around new ways of doing things.

Students will be exposed to the concepts of organizational change, health and transformation. After developing a profile of a healthy organization, students will use this as a guide, practicing methods of organizational diagnosis and intervention. Throughout the class, students will have the opportunity to gain confidence and competencies in change management, concluding with a written action plan specific to their individual needs.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course students will be able to:

  • Analyze readiness for change using stakeholder analysis
  • Describe a visioning initiative with goal setting interventions
  • Summarize influence and persuasion strategies
  • Create an action plan for change with systemic alignment

Program information subject to change.

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