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ORGL 537 – Foresight  & Strategy

3-day, on-campus immersion – Spokane, Washington
Prerequisite ORGL 530 Servant Leadership

In this course students will integrate servant-leader characteristics, and further develop the disposition of a servant-leader. The course explores the art, science and methods leaders use to acknowledge, stimulate, and further develop their capacity of foresight. Students engage macro-system perspectives applying strategy and stewardship as they consider introducing vision into the reality of complex organizational and community systems.

NOTE: This course is also part of the Servant-Leader Concentration curriculum.

Course Competencies

  1. Students will demonstrate familiarity with general theory, practices, processes used in forecasting and generating foresight.
  2. Students will demonstrate competent application of foresight generating methods.
  3. Students will apply strategic foresight in a macro-system framework.
  4. Students will demonstrate integrated knowledge of the servant-leader philosophy

Program information subject to change.

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