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Better Leaders, Better Organizations

The M.A. in Organizational Leadership (ORGL) challenges students to develop advanced leadership practices, project management, conflict resolution, team building, and communication abilities. Graduates can better perform in leadership roles, improve interpersonal relationships, and develop successful and thriving organizations. The ORGL program drives students to:

  • Develop and refine their leadership style.
  • Take action in their workplace and their community.
  • Challenge the status quo.

Students come from different areas of the world, work in a multitude of professions, and are employed at a variety of career levels. This challenges students to learn from each other and expand their repertoire of skills.

Servant Leader Concentration

Founded on the Jesuit tradition of “people for others,” the ORGL program offers the most comprehensive study of Servant Leadership available at the graduate level anywhere. This four course concentration, grounded in the philosophy of Robert K. Greenleaf, is designed to enhance your capacity to enrich the lives of individuals and to build better organizations, systems, and communities. Find out more here.

Global Leader Concentration

As the need for global leaders with formal training increases, you will have a competitive advantage in career advancement opportunities. The Global Leadership Concentration combines online, hybrid, and face-to-face courses reinforced with short 1-2 week global immersions. The concentration is designed for mid-career or career starters in: culturally diverse work environments, international business and trade, NGO and non-profit work tied to development and social justice issues, international education, government, policy, and Foreign Service. Gonzaga is the only institution in the Northwest offering an online program with a global leadership concentration. Find out more here.

Professional & Personal Benefits

Students in the ORGL program develop skills to:

  • Align others around a shared vision.
  • Lead change, empower self, and others.
  • Analyze and apply models for leading organizational change.
  • Apply decision-making models in interpersonal, group and organizational conflict.
  • Facilitate team building and lead group dynamics with people of diverse backgrounds and expertise.

How does the ORGL degree compare to a business master's?

The Organizational Leadership Master’s degree is focused on how to develop and practice leadership that inspires others, builds teams, and effects positive change.  Many students enter the program having the skills to perform their jobs well, but are seeking a degree of development to take them to the next level. The focus of the degree is to make all leaders more effective, but it differs from a Business degree in that there are no Finance, Accounting, or Statistics courses in the ORGL program.

Gonzaga’s campus-based MBA & MAcc Programs have been producing outstanding business leaders for over 50 years. Gonzaga’s MBA program provides a solid management foundation through its core curriculum while allowing students to complete a third of their program in elective coursework. See more here.

Careers that align with an M.A. in Organizational Leadership degree

An organizational leadership degree can unlock endless career options. Businesses seek out professionals who can assess human interactions with information and systems, as well as each other, and then make recommendations where improvements can be made. The result — a more effective and efficient workplace staffed with empowered and fulfilled employees, making the organization more competitive.

Organizational leaders influence and inspire others as well as structure environments and processes so that employees can do their best work. Examples of areas where advanced organizational leadership skills are an asset include:

  • Human resource management
  • Training and development
  • Labor relations
  • Corporate planning
  • General/office management

With applications in fields that range from the military to the public sector, organizational leadership is a terrific option for anyone who wishes to become a consultant or self-employed. Many businesses and companies use the services of outside consultants to identify and solve organizational issues.

Even those who work in positions that aren’t formally associated with organizational leadership can benefit from this leadership degree. The skills and understanding of organizational behavior you’ll gain can be an advantage throughout your career by helping you distinguish yourself as someone who can take charge of organizational issue.

Alumni are employed at:

  • Starbucks
  • Nike
  • Paypal
  • YMCA
  • Microsoft
  • Target
  • Boeing Company
  • Disneyland
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of America

Welcome from the Department Chair, Dr. Adrian Popa

The M.A. in Organizational Leadership Program (ORGL) at Gonzaga University welcomes you.

We are committed to providing you a holistic graduate leadership education for personal formation informed by Jesuit principles of academic excellence, justice, ethics, stewardship, service, and sustainability. Our commitment, delivered through Ignatian pedagogy of context, experience, reflection, action, and evaluation, is to provide students a formative educational experience that will shape your leadership philosophy and competencies, and awaken an insatiable thirst for curiosity, learning, and growth.

You will learn from faculty who are leadership scholars with backgrounds in direct practice and who take a vested interest in developing the whole student. Our leadership curriculum will prepare you with foundations of leadership and organizational philosophies to contribute to a globalized world in an ethical and socially responsible way.

In the ORGL Program, you will find one-of-a-kind elective courses that may take you to a Benedictine Monastery to learn about leadership and community, Colombia to learn about small business startups in the coffee industry, a glaciated mountain in the Pacific Northwest to learn about leadership and hardiness as a pathway towards personal and organizational resilience, Florence, Italy to learn about leadership through the Renaissance, and Northern Ireland to learn about peacebuilding and dialogue.  The program offers many other memorable immersion experiences on campus.

The ORGL Program at Gonzaga University accommodates a globalized, interconnected world by offering leadership education through a number of delivery methods available to students working, serving overseas or living among the Gonzaga community. Our campus, online, or hybrid courses observe standards of academic excellence and capitalize on the richness of context that students bring into the classroom. The depth of learning leadership is captured in the richness of expertise and backgrounds of our highly prepared students who work in for profit multinational corporations listed on the fortunate 500 index, government agencies, education, healthcare, armed services, humanitarian organizations, public service, faith-based organizations, or small personal business. The diversity of the student body and faculty in the ORGL Program contributes to lively and provocative discussions which allow our students the opportunity to analyze leadership issues from multiple points of view and diverse vantage points.

Please explore our website to learn about our program. We are confident that you will find the M.A. in Organizational Leadership Program at Gonzaga University to be a formative graduate degree for you during any season of life or career level.

We invite you to join us in our mission to develop the leaders the world needs most.

Adrian B. Popa

Chair – M.A. in Organizational Leadership Program

Vision, Mission & Values

Vision Statement

Our vision is empowered graduates who have the capacity and courage to learn, innovate, transform, and lead contemporary complex systems.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Organizational Leadership is to advance the understanding and practice of leadership with an Ignatian educational framework of experience, reflection, and action.


With our Gonzaga community, students, and stakeholders, we live out our values by:

  • Ignatian context, experience reflection, and action
  • Nurturing intrinsically motivated learners who will think clearly, respond ethically, and serve willingly;
  • Serving each student’s pursuit of personal and professional growth;
  • Enhancing organizations, communities, and cultures for a more caring, socially just, sustainable world;
  • Developing creative leaders who provide direction, facilitate alignment, and build commitment in dynamic local and global organizational systems;
  • Integrating interdisciplinary approaches to accomplish influential scholarship and experiential opportunities intended to develop leadership dispositions, theoretical knowledge, and skills for practical applications.

Fall Semester Priority Deadline:

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Average completion time

2 years

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Online, On campus, Hybrid

Admission cycles

Rolling 8 week


One three-day immersion in Spokane, WA


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