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The Virtual Campus Instructional Design and Delivery (iDD) office, located in the Foley Library on the campus of Gonzaga University, serves all members of the Gonzaga community as a resource for faculty and students alike interested in the latest innovations in digital media for teaching and learning. While the primary function of the department is to support faculty teaching in online or hybrid programs delivered through the Virtual Campus, all members of the community are encouraged to visit to learn more about hybrid pedagogy and the tools available to support rich interactions between students and faculty regardless of distance or time.

The team strives to make all of the courses we work with innovative, engaging, and intensely interactive. If there is something that you would like to include in one of your courses that you do not see on this list of services we will be happy to work with you to find or develop a solution that meets your needs.

Available Services

Discussion Board Enhancements

  • Video-enabled Course Discussion – Take discussion boards further with video starters and replies.
  • Audio Course Discussion – Script your discussion starters and embed them in the discussion board.
  • Video Content Update & Discussion – Provide up-to-the-minute content updates with embedded video.
  • Role-based Discussions – Deeper discussion board content through assigned roles.

Social Media Integration

  • Twitter Role Play – Students tweet as a particular individual or expert.
  • Pinterest Projects – Students collaborate on visual research and reports.
  • Expert Twitter Chat – Engage with professionals in real-time chats.
  • Web Curation – powerful tools for web-based annotation and curation of resources.

Collaboration Tools

  • Go To Meeting – Screensharing, audio/video discussion, and more.
  • Google Docs Collaboration – Free suite of collaborative tools.
  • SharePoint Collaboration – Secure document collaboration by Microsoft.
  • Back Channel Discussions – Watch a film together and discuss it at the same time.

Asynchronous Learning

  • Discussion Forum with Inline Grading – Tap the full potential of Blackboard’s grading integration.
  • Infographics – Present complex concepts or procedures with easy-to-understand visuals.
  • PowerPoint – Old office staple gets new life through innovative interactive design elements.
  • Email Forms – Collect information or create quizzes mailed directly to your inbox.

Interactive Elements

  • Interactive Quizzes – Instant feedback for students while they take your tests.
  • Video Embedded Quizzes – Learning checks embedded directly within a video.
  • Interactive Media Elements – Design your own interactive media presentation for your content.
  • Web Quests – K-12 staple adjusted to engage your students in a learning scavenger hunt online.

Real-time Engagement

  • Live Office Hours – Live Q & A time with students to bridge the virtual gap.
  • Real-Time Classroom Sessions with Asynchronous Sides – Schedule class sessions with students and archive the sessions for those who can’t attend. Use social media to gather questions in advance.
  • Content Webinars – Design and host live webinars to deliver targeted content to students.

Available Technology

  • Audio Podcasts – Playable on any device.
  • Video Podcast – Playable on any device.
  • e-Books – Custom designed materials for electronic devices or print. No extra charge for interactivity.

Contact Information

Location: Foley Library, Room 121
Phone: (509) 313-7151
Address: iDD Center, Virtual Campus, MSC 2616

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