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What to Expect After Your Online Theology Degree

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What to Expect After Your Online Theology Degree

What to Expect After Your Online Theology Degree

The moment you’ve been working toward has finally arrived; you’ve obtained your online theology degree. Over the course of your Master of Arts in Theology and Leadership (MATL) program you’ve invested your time, resources and energy working toward this goal. Now that the moment has arrived, you should be proud of your accomplishments and experience feelings of gratitude, fulfillment, and joy for all of your hard work.

After the initial wave of emotion passes and the dust settles, graduates may be left asking the question: Now what?

Graduates make the initial decision to pursue their online theology degree for a host of different reasons. Some may wish to strengthen their leadership skills and their understanding of their faith, while others may wish to better serve their congregation and community. Whatever your reason for completing the program, in doing so you’ve unlocked a door of endless possibilities.

Some possible opportunities for utilizing your Masters of Arts in Theology and Leadership include:

  • Serving your community. The MATL program provides graduates with the skills they need to excel in charitable and mission-focused work. Consider working for a non-profit organization, charity, or entering the field of missionary work. Other options to serve your local community include becoming a social worker or working in your church community.
  • Becoming an educator or scholar. With your MATL, you can lead others by becoming a teacher at a religious school or joining the faculty at a college. The leadership skills learned throughout the program are invaluable to those in teaching positions. Some graduates continue to follow their passion and go on to pursue their doctoral degree in ministry or theology.
  • Serving a congregation. After completing the program you’ll be better equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to enter into the ministry or better serve your congregation if you’re already ordained. Some graduates seek ordination to work in a parish, diocesan, or lay ministry setting within their particular denominations, while already ordained members of the clergy find the program supplements their theological or leadership education.
  • Enriching your life. Gonzaga’s MATL degree provides skills and knowledge that benefit and enrich your daily life. These skills can help improve and strengthen relationships with family, friends and spouses, and bolster the work that you already do.

For more information on beginning your online theology degree at Gonzaga, please contact us! Visit our Virtual Campus Blog to learn more about what our programs have to offer.

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