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The Jesuits, also known as the Society of Jesus, are an order of Catholic priests and brothers first established by St. Ignatius Loyola in 1540. Since their inception, the Jesuits have founded a number of institutions including schools, colleges, universities, and seminaries, encouraging education and free thinking as a way to strengthen the belief in […]

Gonzaga’s online Master of Arts in Theology and Leadership (MATL) program does more than just provide a quality theological education; a Master’s in Theology and Leadership opens doors to many job prospects that wouldn’t otherwise be available. Here is a list of career opportunities available for MATL graduates: Teacher/Educator A master’s in theology and leadership […]

Education is an important part of our intellectual growth as human beings, and while the Bible does not explicitly mention the word “education,” it has a considerable amount to say about knowledge and learning. These scriptures should be kept in mind and applied to any educational circumstance, including earning your online degree from Gonzaga University. […]

Obtaining a Master’s in Theology and Leadership from Gonzaga University requires commitment. While the online format provides flexibility, pursuing a continuing education program takes a certain amount of passion, determination, and devotion to furthering one’s individual knowledge and personal growth. For those hoping to complete their Master’s in Theology and Leadership, there are certain personality […]

Educator is one of the many career paths for graduates with a Master’s in Theology. Teaching helps shape and transform the lives of people of all ages. A Sunday school or Catechism teacher may plant in a child the seed of God’s love or spark an interest in religion. Later on in life, a theology […]

At Gonzaga University, we believe in providing a well-rounded education that not only equips graduates in their specific field of study but also benefits and strengthens their daily lives. Our Master of Arts in Theology and Leadership (MATL) online theology degree provides just such an education. The program consists of core theological courses while also […]

Whether in business, education, or faith, leaders set an example and help us achieve our goals. Gonzaga University’s Master of Arts in Theology and Leadership (MATL) online theology degree prepares you to serve your community as lay leaders through curricula and skill development. Lay leaders have volunteered or have been appointed to a leadership position […]

The moment you’ve been working toward has finally arrived; you’ve obtained your online theology degree. Over the course of your Master of Arts in Theology and Leadership (MATL) program you’ve invested your time, resources and energy working toward this goal. Now that the moment has arrived, you should be proud of your accomplishments and experience […]

If you’ve ever considered pursuing a Master’s in Theology, you’ve likely been exposed to the benefits of obtaining a higher level of theological education. A Master’s in Theology expands on theological knowledge and prepares graduates for a variety of teaching, community, and ecclesial positions. Gonzaga’s online Master of Arts in Theology and Leadership (MATL) program […]

Are you a great communicator? Can you speak passionately about a subject that you care about? Do others often seek your help or advice? If so, you would probably make a great educator. If you’re considering making a career change or pursuing a future as a teacher, a master’s in theology and leadership could be […]

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