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Is Your Personality a Good Fit for a Master’s in Theology?

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Is Your Personality a Good Fit for a Master’s in Theology?

Is Your Personality a Good Fit for a Master’s in Theology?

Obtaining a Master’s in Theology and Leadership from Gonzaga University requires commitment. While the online format provides flexibility, pursuing a continuing education program takes a certain amount of passion, determination, and devotion to furthering one’s individual knowledge and personal growth.

For those hoping to complete their Master’s in Theology and Leadership, there are certain personality traits that bode well for the program. Here are some of the characteristics of a successful student:

  • Inquisitive mind. The program examines sacred texts and theological arguments, deconstructing and decoding them, then analyzing them to better understand how they apply in a modern context. An inquisitive personality may aid in questioning the why behind theology and help students dig deeper into analysis and application.
  • Self-awareness. The program builds on a foundation of Ignatian spirituality, which encourages self-examination, reflection, and awareness. The ability to examine oneself will help graduates reach new levels of their own spirituality and help them become better leaders.
  • Leadership abilities. Although not a required trait upon enrollment in the program, through the course of study students will strengthen and hone their leadership skills and learn to apply them in both a personal and community setting.
  • Self-starting. While an online degree permits convenient flexibility, it also requires a time commitment, personal motivation and organization to stay on task and focused on the lesson at hand. If a student struggles with procrastination and has a history of falling behind, it may be wise to address those issues before it’s too late.

If think your personality is a fit, or if you would like to learn more about what Gonzaga’s online Masters in Theology and Leadership program has to offer, please contact us. Visit our Virtual Campus Blog to learn more about our specialized programs.


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