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Are you a great communicator? Can you speak passionately about a subject that you care about? Do others often seek your help or advice? If so, you would probably make a great educator. If you’re considering making a career change or pursuing a future as a teacher, a master’s in theology and leadership could be […]

Obtaining an online theology degree from Gonzaga allows you the flexibility to set your own learning hours and continue working, spending time with your family, or doing anything else from anywhere in the world. Everyone who wants to enrich their lives by studying more about Christian theology should be able to, no matter you financial […]

Getting a master’s in theology degree through an online program could be the best option for you – it allows you to continue working or spending time with your family, and you can study at any time, in any place that is most convenient. Online degree programs are becoming more popular, and they’ve allowed students […]

An Online Degree, A Global Perspective Pursuing an online theology degree from Gonzaga will allow you to access new opportunities in your career and your life. We are dedicated to teaching our students about Christianity, leadership, and what it means to be a citizen of the world – allowing you to gain a global perspective […]

Getting your online Catholic degree from Gonzaga University will create opportunities for your future and lead to personal growth and development of who you are as a person, and as a leader. Our goal as educators is to challenge you, expose you to new ideas, and encourage understanding. At Gonzaga, we are guided by our […]

The Western States Communication Association Annual Conference, “Accentuate the Positive,” will be held in Spokane February 21-24, 2015, and the Communication and Leadership Studies (COML) department is pleased to be the host university for this prestigious conference. To support and encourage students and recent alumni to submit their work for presentation at the conference, we […]

International Competition Identifies Leaders in Transforming Nursing Education The Jonas Center for Nursing Excellence, Khan Academy, and the American Association of Colleges of Nursing are pleased to announce that 14 individuals have been chosen to join a select group of educators working to transform how health education is delivered across disciplines around the globe. Read […]

Here at Gonzaga Online, our dedicated students (whether they’re pursuing a sport and athletic administration degree or their online nursing masters) come from all over the world. They come to receive a top-tier education. They come to display leadership, to share ideas, to break the mold. And they come to develop the skills that they’ll […]

Here at Gonzaga Online, every one of our students – from those pursuing an online nursing master’s degree to those with their sights set on an M.A. in Sports and Athletic Administration– knows that they’re receiving more than just the right tools to achieve the respected degree that they want. They’re receiving individualized attention and […]

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