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Benefits of the Leadership Component

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Benefits of the Leadership Component

Benefits of the Leadership Component

At Gonzaga University, we believe in providing a well-rounded education that not only equips graduates in their specific field of study but also benefits and strengthens their daily lives. Our Master of Arts in Theology and Leadership (MATL) online theology degree provides just such an education. The program consists of core theological courses while also incorporating a leadership component.

It is the leadership component of Gonzaga’s MATL online theology degree that strongly differentiates this particular program from any other theology degree. In addition to theological education, the program collaborates with Gonzaga’s Master’s in Organizational Leadership program to offer MATL students courses in organizational theory and leadership studies. Essentially, this degree offers the knowledge of two programs wrapped up into one.

Exposure to these courses helps to develop students’ skills and prepares graduates to lead in their personal life, in their community, and in an organizational setting. Students learn to analyze organizational behavior and leadership models, effectively face challenges and adversity, and they learn the value of servant leadership. The courses also build self-confidence and teach students to empower themselves and those around them.

Being a leader takes self-examination and experience, which goes hand in hand with Gonzaga’s theological education curricula. Leadership formation prepares students for all types of situations including those within a personal setting and out in society. These skills can be utilized in daily life as a parent, at work, in ministerial roles and in work within the community.

Leadership is a highly sought after quality; some are born with these abilities ingrained into their being, while others go to great lengths to learn them. Whether leading comes naturally to you or you feel like you could improve, the leadership courses within the MATL curriculum will give you an edge to better serve your community, your church, your family and yourself.

If you would like to learn more about how Gonzaga’s online theology degree can benefit your life, contact us today! Be sure to visit our Virtual Campus Blog to learn more about what our programs have to offer.  


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