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6 Job Prospects for Master’s in Theology Graduates

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6 Job Prospects for Master's in Theology Graduates

6 Job Prospects for Master’s in Theology Graduates

Gonzaga’s online Master of Arts in Theology and Leadership (MATL) program does more than just provide a quality theological education; a Master’s in Theology and Leadership opens doors to many job prospects that wouldn’t otherwise be available.

Here is a list of career opportunities available for MATL graduates:

  1. Teacher/Educator
    A master’s in theology and leadership gives graduates the opportunity to teach and influence others as a religious educator or teacher in a religious school or secular institution. The MATL program provides graduates with a strong knowledge of Christian theological tradition and biblical studies, and the leadership component empowers them to effectively lead and teach within an educational institution.
  2. Layperson
    Laypeople can be employed by the Church without being ordained. A theological education with an emphasis on leadership gives MATL graduates the knowledge, skills, and abilities they need to lead Bible study classes, run youth groups and teach Sunday school classes, and even work as a lay minister, among other paid positions within the Church.
  3. Writer
    MATL graduates leave the program with the ability to form their own opinions through interpretation and analysis of theological texts, themes, and arguments. They are able to intelligently write about theological principles and can pursue a career as a writer—writing for religious publications, newspapers and magazines, online blogs, and even write books.
  4. Member of the Clergy
    Upon completion of the program, some graduates start down the path to ordination to take a position such as a pastor or minister within their Church. In the Catholic Church, to become a priest or deacon usually requires some sort of theological seminary or education, which a master’s in theology
  5. Social Worker
    A job prospect that speaks to servant leadership is the career path of a social worker helping others within the community. This career choice can enrich the lives of graduates who have the desire to serve and help others. The leadership skills gained during the course of study in the program give graduates the tools to succeed in this career.
  6. School Director
    With a Master’s in Theology and Leadership, graduates can take a position as an educational director of a religious-affiliated school. An education director makes curricula and teaching structure decisions and works as an intermediary between parents, teachers, staff and other school administrators. Most director positions require a master’s degree and a background in theology is beneficial when working at a religious institution.

For more information on getting a Masters in Theology and Leadership at Gonzaga University, please contact us! Visit our Virtual Campus Blog to learn more about what our programs have to offer.

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