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Change your life. Change the world.

You can receive an online degree from many universities. Put your diploma in a frame, hang it on the wall and update your resume. But at Gonzaga University Online, in addition to a respected degree, you’ll receive something that you can’t simply hang on your wall or add to your resume. You’ll receive an understanding of life that goes beyond your career. A connection to something bigger than will ever fit in your resume. You’ll receive a clear awareness of your place in the world and your responsibility to others – while that part of your education may not ever increase your income, we think you’ll discover that it’s the best investment that you’ve ever made.

Unlike many online universities, Gonzaga University Online enables students to put down roots as part of a 125-year-old, world-changing tradition. As a Zag, each graduate’s degree will be respected and their experience appreciated. No matter where students live and work, they are just seconds away from being connected to their home on campus. That connection remains with each graduate wherever they go and whatever they do in life. Once a student discovers their Inner Zag, they’re a Zag forever.

What sets Gonzaga Online apart?


Gonzaga University Online provides an opportunity for personal and professional development – as long as each student is willing to work hard and apply himself or herself. This is not an easy online degree. Students are challenged and they are rewarded for their efforts.

U.S. News & World Report Ranks Gonzaga No. 4 Best Regional University in West, No. 3 Best Value

On-campus immersions

Working toward an advanced degree is best done in an environment of community. Online students typically do not have the ability to gain their education away from home and work, which is why Gonzaga University Online provides flexibility throughout its program offerings. In addition, an opportunity to experience Gonzaga in Spokane is provided through a convenient on-campus immersion to deepen each student’s connection to their faculty, fellow students and the Gonzaga campus. Through these immersions the student gains a physical connection to the university, which enhances their education and their personal development.

Well-rounded/complete education

Each career requires different communication skills. Gonzaga University Online’s complete approach enhances each student’s written, verbal and visual communication skills. Focusing on the communication strengths of each student, we foster your success in ways that work best for you.

Global impact

Become a “world citizen” (be more impactful, make change in your world) from your home and through international opportunities. It’s not only about what you get out of the program, but about what you are able to do with your education while serving others.

Competitive tuition

Gonzaga University is an elite institution with a very competitive admission process. This type of education doesn’t come inexpensively, but online students find that our tuition costs are competitive with similar institutions and that the experience and education they receive delivers far beyond the cost of admission.

Student-focused teaching

Again, Gonzaga University Online is founded on the Jesuit ethos of “people for others”. This is vividly lived out in the student-focused, customized and flexible teaching styles of our faculty and in the format of our online programs. At Gonzaga, students receive what they are here to learn, through servant leadership and respect for the individual. Your education will be unlike anyone else’s.

Practical application

As most Gonzaga University Online students are currently employed while they earn their advanced degree, our programs and faculty deliver an education that can be immediately put to work even while studies are being completed. This practical application is encouraged and serves as experiential learning, which enhances the value of the curriculum and process.

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