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4 + 1 Pathway

During the fourth year of undergraduate coursework, Gonzaga students can enroll in master’s level courses in Gonzaga’s Organizational Leadership or Communication and Leadership Studies graduate programs, completing either degree in as little as five years.

This streamlined pathway is available to undergraduate majors in Communication Arts, International Studies and the Minor in Leadership Studies (CLP).


  • Save Money
    • The 6 graduate credits earned while an undergraduate are billed at undergraduate tuition cost.
  • Save Time
    • Earn your master’s degree in just ONE additional year.
  • Flexibility
    • Our graduate courses are offered online with on-campus immersion options.  If a job opportunity takes you outside of Spokane, you can continue the program.
  • Gain a Competitive Edge
    • The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts job openings requiring a master’s degree will increase by 21.7% by 2020.

M.A. in Communication and Leadership Studies

Develop your understanding of how communication affects every facet of an organization. Courses combine communication theory with contemporary strategies to prepare effective leaders and ethical communicators to solve practical problems in their organizations and communities. 

Customize your degree with an optional concentration:

M.A. in Organizational Leadership

Develop advanced leadership practices, personnel management, conflict resolution, team building and communication skills. Graduates can better perform in leadership roles, improve interpersonal relationships, and develop successful and thriving organizations.

Customize the degree with an optional concentration:


  • Be enrolled as a Gonzaga undergraduate.
  • Ready to start graduate courses during fourth year
  • Major in Communication Arts
  • Major in International Studies
  • Minor in Leadership Studies (CLP)

Students who do not meet these criteria may still apply to the Master’s in Organizational Leadership and Master’s in Communication and Leadership studies programs through the standard process as they near completion of their undergraduate program.

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