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Study Abroad Opportunities

Intercultural & International Media in Cagli, Italy

Intercultural & International Media in Cagli, Italy

Go From Casual Tourist to Global Citizen

This unique opportunity gives you the tools to access a foreign culture and acquire practical language skills, rapidly — using an immersion technique. The ability to assimilate quickly and to hone in on another culture\’s values are indispensable tools for anyone preparing for a career in a field where globalization and multi-culturalism are becoming increasingly important. At the micro level, students will learn how to read another culture on its own terms — thereby eliminating cultural bias. At the macro level, students will be ready to become facilitators in the inter-cultural dialogue that the modern world requires.

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Peacebuilding Through Dialogue in Northern Ireland

Peacebuilding Through Dialogue in Northern Ireland

Students will be introduced to concepts from the field of communication that enable an understanding of how local peace-building can build bridges across conflicting groups in deeply divided societies. Communication and dialogue are closely intertwined and together act at the heart of establishing shared space and creating a common future.

Full details for Peacebuilding Through Dialogue in Derry, Northern Ireland.

Renaissance Leadership & Rhetoric in Florence, Italy

Renaissance Leadership & Rhetoric in Florence, Italy

Helping Leaders Change the World from the Inside.

For decades, the concept of “leadership” meant making structural changes to an organization. The focus was outward – and the results were fleeting. As one of the nation’s premier Jesuit universities, Gonzaga takes a transformational approach to help leaders change the world from the inside. This introspective focus gives you tools to effect true change in organizations, offer creative approaches to problems, emphasize collaborations, respect diversity, and demonstrate clear vision.

By traveling to Italy, and being immersed in a different culture, you are provided an opportunity to use and enhance your communication and leadership skills on a moment by moment basis.What better place to study leadership than Florence, the center of the Italian Renaissance art movement, and the home to the Medicis and Michelangelo. Explore Florence and Tuscany and witness the leadership that took place hundreds of years ago to create this magnificent center of art in the world.

Gonzaga University has its own campus in Florence. A typical day would include a few hours in the classroom and an afternoon museum tour.  The evenings are yours to explore the culture of Florence. You will also travel to Siena Rome and go on tours that include the Vatican and the Coliseum.

Full details for Renaissance Leadership & Rhetoric in Florence, Italy.


Leadership and Accompaniment in Cali, Colombia

Leadership and Accompaniment in Cali, Colombia

This course is designed to offer students an opportunity to earn three elective credits while practicing key concepts of leadership in an international service learning setting.

Students will spend two weeks working together with faculty and peers from Javeriana University in Cali, Colombia, a Jesuit university that Gonzaga has a long-standing partnership agreement with. The community partner is an association of organic coffee farmers and students work with the association leadership on projects identified in collaboration. While in Colombia, the students visit several local historical sites and museums, participate in a couple of cultural events, and see first hand Cali’s salseros and practice some dance moves too!

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Domestic Immersions

Leadership & Hardiness - Mt. Adams, Washington

Leadership & Hardiness

Develop personal and organizational resilience by engaging the mind, body, and spirit.

From Ernest Shackleton’s expedition in the Antarctic, Edmund Hillary’s summit of Mt. Everest, Scott and Amundsen’s race to the South Pole, Victor Frankl’s will to meaning and existence in sordid circumstances of the holocaust, Nelson Mandela’s revolutionary transformation towards forgiveness and racial reconciliation, to many other stories of resilience, this course will teach the pathways to creating personal and organizational resilience. The expedition of the course will begin by first studying the “will to meaning” from the perspective of existential and health psychology. This internal journey will be followed by studying various organizational scenarios marked by resilient outcomes and by learning a wide range of empirically grounded practices that enhance personal and organizational performance. Upon developing these competencies, students will have an opportunity to experientially practice resilient mechanism by climbing Mt. Adams. Personal hardiness will be developed, experienced, and tested in a setting that challenges the heart, mind, and spirit. Don’t miss out on an unforgettable experience!

Full details for Leadership & Hardiness – Mt. Adams, Washington

Leadership & Community - St. Andrews Abbey, Valyermo, California

Leadership & Community

What is the meaning and purpose of life? How is need for such meaning and purpose encountered in a community? How does the leader develop a community to facilitate individual growth and collective success? Through study, experience, and scholarship, students explore how to create structures and processes for sustaining and transforming a community. At the Benedictine monastery of Saint Andrew\’s Abbey, students become participant observers in a five-day immersion designed to explore, practice, and come to an expanded understanding of the role and purpose of the leader’s involvement and commitment to building and sustaining a meaningful and purposeful community.

Full details for Leadership & Community at St. Andrews Abbey in Valyermo, California

Leadership & Storytelling - GU campus, Spokane, Washington

Leadership & Storytelling

Stories permeate virtually every dimension of our existence as noted in the familiar quote: “Civilizations have existed without the wheel, but no society has ever existed without story.” With groundwork in narrative, the class focuses on the kind of leadership that is demanded by the current world situation: Leaders who lead from their real selves or Authentic Leaders. After exploring an understanding of authentic leadership, the course will shift focus to a key tool for leaders: the leadership story.

Full details for Leadership & Storytelling on GU’s campus in Spokane, Washington

Team Building and Leadership - Spokane, Washington

Team Building and Leadership

This three-day intensive program is designed to increase students’ knowledge and understanding of leadership and team development through a combination of information sessions and active participation in cooperative, challenge activities. Challenge activities are designed to enhance students’ critical thinking skills, creativity, problem-solving ability, and ability to work effectively as a team. These activities present opportunities to taking leadership roles, recognize leadership styles, identify what works and what doesn’t work in given situations, and apply lessons to real life situations. Topics include the communication process, leadership models and styles, stages of team development, ethics, diversity, and visionary or principle-centered and creative leadership.

Advanced Team Building and Leadership

This three-day intensive program is designed to be taken along with ORGL 550, building on key concepts learned. This course is held directly following ORGL 550 on-campus.  The advanced session shifts the focus from group participation to group facilitating through team building and leadership development activities.

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