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Our Faculty Works a Shift, Just Like You Do

Staff members in our online Nursing Programs are experienced nurses who are currently in the field, honing their clinical expertise in the scientific, philosophical, health policy and business aspects of the nursing practice. Working faculty bring real-world experience and current perspective to each student. This is one of the hidden gems of our program that students and faculty find truly valuable!

Learn from the best; become the best.


Lin Murphy

Ph.D., RN, Chair and Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Gonzaga University
MSN, St. Louis University
BSN, St. Louis University

Dale Abendroth

Ph.D., RN, Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Gonzaga University
MN, University of California Los Angeles
BSN, California State University
AD, Nursing, Los Angeles Valley College

Nancy Beckham

Ph.D., ARNP, Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Utah
MSN, Idaho State University
BSN, Mary College

Neva L. Crogan


Ph.D., GNP-BC, FNGNA, FAAN, Professor

Ph.D., Washington State University

Geriatric Nurse Practitioner Post-Master’s Certificate, University of Virginia

MN, Eastern Washington University

BSN, The University of the State of New York

BS, Eastern Washington University

Recent publication:

Journal of Business article: “GU study: Meal choices benefit seniors”


Journal of Gerontological Nursing_Food Choice Can Imrove Nursing Home Resident Meal_Service Satisfaction and Nutritional Status


Alice Dupler


J.D., APRN-BC, Associate Professor

J.D., Gonzaga University School of Law

MN, Adult Health Specialization & Nursing Administration, University of Portland

BSN, Eastern Washington University

BA, Eastern Washington University

Journal of Gerontological Nursing_Food Choice Can Imrove Nursing Home Resident Meal_Service Satisfaction and Nutritional Status

Marie Sue Gorski

Ph.D., RN, Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Loyola University-Chicago
MN, University of Washington
BSN, University of San Francisco

Stephanie Harrison

MSN, FNP, CNM, Lecturer
Post-Master’s, University of Washington
MSN, Gonzaga University
ASN, North Idaho College
BA, Albion College

Kathy Manion


DNP (enrolled), MSN, FNP-BC, Lecturer

MSN, Gonzaga University

BSN, Gonzaga University

ADN, University of South Carolina

Lisa Miklush

Ph.D., RNC, CNS, Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University of San Diego
MSN, Azusa Pacific University
BSN, Azusa Pacific University
ADN, Pasadena City College

Jennifer Miller

Ph.D. (enrolled), RN-BC, LMHC, Lecturer
MA, Whitworth University
BSN, Washington State University

Susan Norwood

Ed.D., RN, Professor
Ed.D., Gonzaga University
Women’s Health NP, Harbor/UCLA
MN, University of Washington
BSN, Pacific Lutheran University

Jeffery Ramirez

Ph.D., PMH-NP, ARNP, Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University of Arizona
MSN, Gonzaga University
MPA, Eastern Washington University
BS, Eastern Washington University
ADN, Columbia Basin College

Brenda Senger

Ph.D. (enrolled), RN, Lecturer
MA, Gonzaga University
BSN, Gonzaga University

Deborah Smith

DNP, ARNP, Sr. Lecturer
DNP, Case Western Reserve University
MN, University of Washington
BSN, Intercollegiate Center for Nursing Education, Washington State University

Jane Tiedt

Ph.D., RN, CDE, Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Indiana University
MSN, Gonzaga University
BSN, University of Iowa

Lori Tochterman

Ph.D. (enrolled), Washington State University, Lecturer
MSN, University of Mississippi Medical Center
BSN, Medical University of South Carolina


Cindy Arlt
Program Assistant III

Ana Chavez
Program Assistant III

Marcy Heldt
Program Coordinator

Molly Wood
Clinical Coordination Specialist

Rachel Young
Academic Advisor

Adjunct Faculty

Bonnie Beardsley
Michael Collender
Ronda Cordill
Renae Dougal
Julie Doyle
Lisa Evoy
Amy Koehn
Nicole Lewis
Maxine Martin
Barb McNeil
Gordon Natal
Denise Ogorek
Charlene Romer
Sara Vittone

Adjunct Clinical Faculty

Roxanne Bliss
Christine Cashatt
Jaime Coles-Duff
Sarah Collins
Julie Derzay
Mary Duff
Kathleen Harris-Hobbs
Shari Healy
Amy Hiestand
Geoff Hodge
John Honsky
Chris Korsgaard
Carol Kottwitz
Christian Lewis
Kathy Manion
Tammy Marsden
Faye Phillips
Michelle Pope
Rebecca Reidy
Colleen Shannon
Deborah Smith
Julianne Sullivan
Jessica Tacke
Vicki Thuesen
Brian Vandendries
Kathryn Warner
Kimberly White
Kerri Woelfle
Lois Yearous